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Anti-Collision Epp Foam RC Airplane

Anti-Collision Epp Foam RC Airplane

السعر 130.00 SR
السعر سعر التخفيض 130.00 SR

Name: Remote Control Planes
Material: Premium Plastic

Weight: about 280g
one set of Remote Control Planes

Easy control: has a simple operation mode which onlyneeds to press the switch and pull the stick to easilycontrol the aerobatics of the aircraft.lt can take off afteryou assemble the wheels, and it is also convenient tocarry. Best outdoor games and toys for you!!
Long time flying: The powerful thrust and power systemenables the aircraft to have excellent flying speed. Theongest flying distance of this product is 656 feet, soyou can enjoy the pleasure and remote control flightexperience.
Suitable for beginners: aircraft has flight controlassistance, which can help beginners gradually learnhow to control the aircraft. And the assistance systemalso can provide users with a stable flight experience.This product supports both horizontal ground take-offand throw take-off. Because the product has greatstability.The three-level flight control can easily performstunts, and the solid RC aircraft wheels can land safelyand smoothly.
Remote control range 150 meters,lt has a 150 mahlithium battery.