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بندقية لعبة المياه الكهربائية انفجار

بندقية لعبة المياه الكهربائية انفجار

السعر 169.00 SR
السعر 10,000.00 SR سعر التخفيض 169.00 SR

1. Product Name:Electric Burst Water Gun

2. Material:High Quality Plastic

3. Age:3Years old+

4. Product Size:Water clip:26*19cm,water tank:26*32cm

5. Color:Black&Blue&RedGreen&Brown


Because of logistics reasons, when shipped, the battery is placed in the water gun

1.Because the water gun will be tested for all its functions before being sent out, such as the sealing of the magazine's water storage, firing function, etc. It is normal to have water droplets, mist, water stains, and other situations. The packaging is also brand new, and the unpacking phenomenon is when the water gun is taken out for testing and then sealed before being sent out.