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سامسونج نوت 9 أصلي مستعمل نظيف Samsung Galaxy Note 9

سامسونج نوت 9 أصلي مستعمل نظيف Samsung Galaxy Note 9

السعر 1,089.00 SR
السعر 10,000.00 SR سعر التخفيض 1,089.00 SR
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Please read before placing an order:

1.> The mobile phones sold in this store will support multiple languages. If you want to know if your phone supports the language you need, please let us know which language you need.

2.> The internal storage will be smaller than the specification because part of it will be occupied by the built-in system and applications. For example, the ROM is 16GB, but only 12-15GB can be used, which is normal.

3.> You can check whether the phone supports the network frequency of your country: www.willmyphonework.net. .

4.> Original second-hand mobile phones sold in our store: the appearance is almost the same as new (95%-99% new). The battery efficiency will be lower than the official standard. Usually it will be as high as 85%-99%. We do not accept any tests from 3rd party applications.

5.> All used mobile phones, we will give away certified and tested high quality accessories. You can use it with confidence (the accessories are not original). Any disputes regarding "counterfeit accessories" will not be entertained and no refunds will be given.

6.> If you have any problem with your phone, please contact us first. Any disassembly or repair done by buyer or repair shop without our permission will be considered a human problem and we will not accept any disputes or refunds arising from such circumstances.

7.> This is a used mobile phone. Any disputes arising from waterproofing testing will be considered as human issues and we will not accept any disputes or refunds arising therefrom.

8.> tariff: Any cross-border purchases may incur customs charges, depending on local customs, customs clearance and taxes are the buyer's responsibility and obligation. We do not accept any disputes arising from tariff issues! If you need help, please contact us.

9.> All mobile phones do not support OTA update, but the mobile phone can work normally under the current original version, no need to update. Any issues that arise after the buyer's update will be considered a human issue and we will not accept any disputes or any refunds arising from such situations.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 (G960U1): US Single Card 6GB RAM 128GB ROM