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Outdoor solar waterproof plug-in light

Outdoor solar waterproof plug-in light

السعر 69.00 SR
السعر سعر التخفيض 69.00 SR

*Product Name:Solar Lawn Light

*Product Weight: 0.35kg

Charging Time: Solar Charging 6-8 Hours

Length OF Work: 8-12 Hours

Use Environment: Wall-Mounted Garden Lights, GardenStreet Lights, _awn Lights,Garage Lights, Garden Landscape Lights

Product Specification *Warm/White lamp:1. Long Press for 3s to turn on/off the lights. When thelights are turned on, the lights have 100% brightness.

2. The light brightness can be adjusted by short pressthe switch. The lamp will charge during the dayand stop working,and it will automatically light up atnight.