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Split-horse leg stretch trainer

Split-horse leg stretch trainer

السعر 239.00 SR
السعر سعر التخفيض 239.00 SR


HIGH QUALITY MATERIALSI Leg split stretchers are made of high quality iron tube, the cushion is made of high quality PU leather, which is soft and comfortable

but also sweat resistant, dirt resistant and easy to clean,the head of the leg stretcher is also equipped with foam pads to ensure comfort. The bottom has silent wheel to avoid scratching the ground.

SIZE ADJUSTMENT The pole has six holes that

you can adjust to find the perfect, comfortable level of stretch length. It is suitable for all ages & fitness levels,men, women and children, sure to be enjoyed by the

whole family.

EASY STRETCHING Stretching exercises can be

performed by a person without the help of others. leg

split stretcher moves the leg by pushing and pulling the rocker, get your splits and stretch beyond 180 degrees.

EASY TO STORE The stretching machine is light,

easy to store, and can be stored in a small space, does not occupy the space in the home, so it is easy to take Application Suitable for dancers, gymnastics,

cheerleading, ballerinas, yoga, and people who need to

improve range of movement and flexibility.

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